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Fields, Morris & Verdin has evolved through organic growth and strategic acquisition from a small agency and retail wine business to become one of the UK’s foremost wine importers and distributors serving the UK restaurant and retail trades. From our earliest days we have worked with family owned wineries, whose wines have a distinct sense of place and whose family members see themselves as custodians of a legacy for future generations. This long term focus and desire to work with the best and not necessarily the most fashionable has led to the unique portfolio we have today. A portfolio that contains many of the world’s finest wineries

Nicolas Clerc MS
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A winner of the IWC Burgundy Specialist Merchant of the Year, Flint have a reputation for finding and nurturing new, young talent. As well as these superstars of the future their portfolio includes some of the best, already established names in Burgundy. Dynamic, ambitious and with a passion for Burgundy engrained in their DNA.

Jason Haynes


Goedhuis & Co. is an engaging team of specialist fine wine merchants who provide an inspiring personal service that is a better way to buy and enjoy wine. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm, creating and curating collections of the world’s most sought-after wines for wine lovers and collectors around the globe.


Having been named Decanter Burgundy Specialist Retailer of the Year three years in a row, and as a winner of the IWC Burgundy Specialist Merchant of the Year, we rank among the top Burgundy specialists in the UK. We are incredibly privileged to work with both great established domaines and the dynamic next generation of producers, and delight in sharing their brilliant wines with our clients.

Lay & Wheeler is one of Britain's oldest fine wine merchants, founded in 1854, and has been committed to bringing the finest wines to their customers ever since. They have always specialised in Burgundy, taking great care to steward a selection of top names such as Armand Rousseau and Sylvain Cathiard and to promote rising talent such as Aurelien Verdet and Domaine Tawse (Maume). With a new young team as passionate about their customers as they are their wine and its producers, Lay & Wheeler will continue to build their portfolio Burgundian parcels for years to come.

Katy Andersen

Howard Ripley, a London dentist, started importing wines in 1983 while still practising. Initially he sold only to a few friends, but soon found that friends of friends contacted him asking to buy. A few years later he approached a top Michelin-starred restaurant with his, by now, large list of classic burgundies from many of the best domaines. To his delight and somewhat to his amazement, both he and his wines were enthusiastically received.


Over the years the business slowly grew, to the extent that the company now imports one of the largest selections of top domaines available in the UK and carries an unbeatable backlist of vintages from the region's leading growers. In 2000 Sebastian Thomas joined the business as Howard gradually moved into retirement. Sebastian brought a love of fine German wines and the company began assembling a large list of fine German wines to complement the Burgundy list.

Burgundy is our first love and we are lucky enough to work with some of the best young winemakers around. Our new website offers primeur and broking stocks, giving you access to a plethora of wineries and vintages, all with guaranteed origin. 

Sam Clarke

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