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London Burgundy Week is proudly sponsored by EuroCave and Coravin

Our sponsors

In 1976 EuroCave invented the Wine Cabinet, and for over 40 years have been producing the world’s leading storage systems for the maturation of your fine wines.


Made in France, from European materials of the highest quality, EuroCave products are built to stand the test of time. With many customers regularly have cabinets for over 30 years.


EuroCave is proud that many aspects of their cabinets are patented from the cooling systems, to the vibration minimising bottle holders. EuroCave products have 6 times less vibrations than the nearest competitor.


EuroCave has been present in the UK for almost 25 years and EuroCave UK have been involved in some of the best new restaurant openings, including Cabotte, and some of the finest domestic premises.

EuroCave will provide Zalto Universal glasses for London Burgundy Week.

Coravin is delighted to participate in London Burgundy Week and bring to the audience the possibility to taste the finest wines of this wonderful region by the glas

They have teamed up with Cabotte to offer Les Apéros Coravin - an exclusive selection of 10 very rare and fine wines available by the glass to celebrate London Burgundy Week.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to taste these wines by the glass!

A selection by Xavier Rousset MS and Gearoid Devaney MS.

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